St. Pats year of 2011
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constitutes a contempt of court or Parliament, including but not limited to publication in relation to a matter that is sub judice;
constitutes a breach of confidence or contract;
exhorts or counsels any person to commit an offence against the criminal or civil law;
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In addition, you must not use the discussion forums for commercial purposes.

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At all times, you should maintain an awareness that a range of people from many different backgrounds, of very different ages, and with differing levels of familiarity with legal matters and with the computing environment will be reading and posting to these discussion forums. No one has any say in the matter and ongoings posted on this forum whether be related by school by business environment or any other relation whatsoever.

The Elevens website reserves the right to remove any postings to the discussion forums that contravene any of the limitations referred to above, which contain expletives or foul language, which are considered to be discourteous or which otherwise the managers of the Elevens website in their sole discretion consider to be inappropriate for inclusion in the forums, and this may be done without any prior notice to the person who has contributed that posting. Upon joining this forum you acknowledge that the administrator has right to everything posted on this website and can freely and without objection decide to remove any content at any point in time without a given reason.

The Elevens website reserves the right to suspend or cancel the registration of any user who contravenes any of the terms and conditions that apply to use of this website and the discussion forums.

St. Pats year of 2011

Site made as I got bored for the school. Discuss anything related here and unrelated in the unrelated section.
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